The Team

Girard Jergensen
VP of Engineering

Girard and his wife Amy have two kids, no pets, and maintain a household minimum of two computers per person (not counting smart phones, tablets, Lego Mindstorm sets, programmable calculators or the abacus). Girard blames his wife for the kids, and she blames him for the computers. Girard and Amy homeschool their children and are active in their community and church. When he's not programming, playing video games, reading, or watching a movie, Girard is probably playing with the kids' Legos. Girard and his family also enjoy food (maybe a little too much), cooperative board games (except when they all lose), libraries (unless that one book is on hold), used bookstores (if they have a good selection), and sunscreen (for those times when they have to be outside when the flaming ball of doom is still up).

Mengrui "Edison" Li
Software Developer

Edison hails from Guangzhou, China, where he finished his undergraduate work before coming to the United States. An avid sports fan, he moved to Oklahoma City largely because of the local professional basketball team, finishing his Master's in Computer Science at Oklahoma City University. He joined da Vinci in 2012 as an intern and was hired full-time following his OCU graduation in 2013. He and his wife live in the Oklahoma City metro and he can often be found riding his bicycle around town and screaming his head off at Thunder home games.

Wes Veitch
Customer Care Specialist

Wes was raised in Fort Worth and studied the music business at Southern Nazarene University. Luckily for the music world, U2 did NOT ask him to join them on tour, so after graduation he was hired by da Vinci as its first "people person" when the company had only 15 clients. When he's not running sound at the Rodeo Opry, you'll find him doing what he does best: building relationships with administrators and therapists (and anyone else he finds on the street), all over the state. Wes lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and their two dogs.

Danyell Billups
Community Relations Associate

Danyell was born in Oklahoma City but has also lived in Arkansas, California and Arizona (it’s a long story). She has an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Her background includes several years of experience with the OK Medicaid program in the areas of electronic claims and community relations. When away from the office Danyell enjoys dancing, crocheting, shopping and movie nights with friends and family. She has been with da Vinci since 2013 and often wonders what she did wrong in a past life to end up surrounded by such bizarre coworkers.

Joe Perez
Community Relations Manager

Joe was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His father was in the Navy for several years and Joe was taught at an early age to work hard at everything, starting his first job at the age of 16 and working at Jimmy's Egg until he graduated high school in 2001. After high school he worked in customer service with UICI Marketing but in 2005 Joe got a position in technical support at Sprint and fell in love with the tech world. Joe joined da Vinci in 2013 in a support capacity and has expanded his role to become an expert software tester. He likes spending free time with his wife of seven years and their three children, working out at the gym, running at the park, or playing soccer with his friends.

Robert Green
Systems Admin

A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, Robert maintains our network, our servers, and anything else remotely corporate and hardware-ish. He has also taught several sessions of the Linux course offered at the Oklahoma City campus of Oklahoma State University. He can often be spotted driving to work in a noisy, decrepit, pollution-spewing vehicle dating back to at least the Clinton administration; some of his coworkers only ride with him to company events after they've made sure their will has been updated. Robert is active in his community and has run lighting and spooky effects at haunted Halloween venues in the western metro for many years. He lives in the Oklahoma City area with his wife and daughter.